Journal of Molecular & Translational Research

Note: Ensure that your manuscript is composed and formatted as described in the "Organize manuscript" page. Please see the below check list before proceeding for manuscript submission.

All manuscripts should be submitted through Editorial Manager. You may also copy the web address and paste in your browser address bar.

Check list for manuscript submission:

Cover letter (to be uploaded separately)
Contact information page (to be uploaded separately). You may prefer to remain anonymous for the reviewers, and if preferred, please remove any wordings in the manuscript that would identify the authors.
Manuscript file as a word document (to be uploaded separately)
​ 1. Manuscript is written in English language only
 2. Page size is set to US letter size (8.5" x 11.5") with 1" page margins (all sides)
 3. Proper punctuations are used
 4. Text does not exceed the word limits in each section for your article type
 5. Text is in size 10 Ariel font size
 6. Text is spaced at 1.5 line spacing
 7. Title does not exceed two lines at font size 16 Ariel font
 8. Short title does not exceed 10 words at font size 10 Ariel
 9. Summary section is within the word limits
 10. Translational Significance section is within the word limits
 11. Abbreviations are described as a separate section
 12. Keywords are no more than ten
 13. Introduction section is within the word limits
 14. All methods are described in detail and not cross cited
 15. Catalog number and vendor details of all consumables used are stated at their first appearance in the methods sections
 16. (Optional) Results and Discussion sections are combined
 17. Conclusions section is within the word limits and is organized in bullet or indent format
 18. Financial conflicts of interest or patents filed are disclosed in the disclosure section
 19. Funding source, proof reading help and note of thanks to individuals is stated in the Acknowledgements section
 20. Supplementary material is provided as needed
 21. References are formatted in "NLM-National Library of Medicine" output style
 22. Figure legends are included in the manuscript text file
 23. All tables are included in the manuscript text file
24. Figures/Images are in JPEG format with 600 dpi, and are below 9 inches in length and 6 inches in width (each figure is to be uploaded separately)