Journal of Molecular & Translational Research

Please prepare and organize your manuscript as stated below. 

Cover Letter:  Provide a brief cover letter which details both the novelty and the translational significance of the work. Please disclose if the author(s) has/have any conflict of interests.

Reviewers: During manuscript submission, provide contact details of potential reviewers. Also, provide details of individuals who should not review your manuscript.

Contact information page: On a separate word document page, please include:
1. Complete contact details of all the contributing and corresponding authors with full names (include middle names or initials).
2. The complete mailing address of the organization where the described work has been carried out. If part of the work has been carried out by the same author(s) at two different organizations, provide addresses of both organizations.
3. Email addresses of all authors from their host organization.
4. Phone number and fax number of the corresponding author.
5. Organization’s website displaying the corresponding author’s laboratory.
You may prefer to remain anonymous for the reviewers, and if preferred, please remove any wordings in the manuscript that would identify the authors.

Language: The Manuscript should be written in ENGLISH LANGUAGE only.  Note that reviewers expect a readable and well-written, formatted submission. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the corresponding author to have the manuscript proofread by language experts.

Fonts and formatting: Except for numerals and symbols, the text should be in ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLY. Do not include an extra line space between paragraphs. The text should be spaced with 1.5 line spacing, and the fonts should be in size 10, Ariel style. There should be one inch margin all around the text and the page size should be set to US Letter size only (8.5” x 11.0”).

Punctuation: Please ensure that proper superscripts, subscripts and italics are used in the manuscript. For chemical names, follow IUPAC standards, and for names of species, follow binomial nomenclature, disclosing the names of sub specie as well.

Word limits: 



Title: The title of the manuscript should not exceed two lines at a font size of 16 in Ariel style. Also provide a short title of no more than 10 words with a font size of 10 in Ariel style.

Summary: Provide a brief summary which should be about 300 words or less. This summary should not describe any work that has been published previously.

Translational significance: As a separate section, authors should explain in about 250 words, the translational significance of their findings identified in the submitted manuscript. Please describe this section clearly and succinctly, using simple terminology and language.

Abbreviations: Describe all abbreviations used in the manuscript as a separate section.

Keywords: Provide all the important keywords used in the manuscript.

Introduction: This section should be limited to about 750 words. In this section provide brief background information related to the study which helps readers understand the issues which authors wanted to address through their study. All the recent articles published within the last five years, and seminal publications related to the work described which contribute to a better understanding must be cited in this introduction section.

Methods: All methods and experimental procedures used should be described in detail. Note that there is no separate section for materials used. Instead while describing the methods, the authors should include all the materials and instrumentation used in their work. Therefore, the methods should be as descriptive as possible. Please do not cross cite for methods. The source or vendors for the reagents used should be described at its first appearance in parenthesis. Example - Sample was subjected to CsCl density gradient centrifugation (product name and/or catalog number, vendor name, vendor location) in an ultracentrifuge (instrument name, model number, vendor name, vendor location) for 24 hrs at 60,000 rpm. Vital reagents obtained from collaborators should also be stated in this methods section, and the collaborator should be acknowledged in the Acknowledgements section with brief contact details.

Results & Discussion: All the results should be described and discussed in detail. Although the degree of novelty varies, the results should convincingly contribute to the advancement of the field of translational research. JMTR prefers that the Results and Discussion section are combined if possible.

Conclusions: Briefly describe all the findings in the study and their implications in translational research. Preferably, you may organize text in bullet or indent format in this section.

Acknowledgements: This section should be included above the references. Use this section to thank any individual or organization that may have provided significant help in your work. Include all funding agencies and awarded grant numbers. If your manuscript has been proof read by native English speaker(s), you may include their name(s) here.

Disclosures of any kind such as financial interests or patents filed have to be stated as a separate section after conclusions in the manuscript.​

Supplementary material: If the manuscript exceeds 8000 word limit, some of the figures, data tables, etc. may be included as supplementary material. However, full image as acquired from the source should be included as supplementary materials.

References: Only appropriate and key references have to be cited. Please format and submit references in "NLM - National Library of Medicine" output style. Additional information can be found at and

Figures: All figures/images must be submitted in their original state, preferably as JPEG files with 600 dpi resolution. The width of each figure should be below 6 inches in width, and should not exceed 9 inches in length. A panel of images can be labelled alphabetically and grouped as a single figure for submission, if they all cumulatively address the same observation. All figures should be numbered in the order they appear in the manuscript. If part of the complete figure is shown, and the complete image if required can be included as a supplementary figure with indicative labeling. Please note that currently JMTR does not accept video files and 3D images.

Figure legends: Figure legends must be submitted in text format. Provide a short title to each figure and describe all the important observations in the figure in a numbered or alphabetical format, if required.

Tables: All tables must be made using a word processing software only. Do not provide tables made in Excel or other analytical formats. Tables must be numbered in the order they appear in the manuscript. Please provide a short title and a brief description to each table.