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Our Policy:

JMTR would stand up to its commitment to advance qualitative research in the field of translational sciences, thus it will provide the published content fully accessible to the scientific community.



The published content solely represents the opinions of the authors who ensure that the information provided in the manuscript is original and accurate, and is devoid of plagiarism or misconduct of any sort. Efforts are made to take precautions in verifying the accuracy of the published content which is not limited to the results of the experimental work, drug names, dosage or other clinically relevant information.


Conflict of interest:

The corresponding author is required to ensure that any conflicts of interests either research or financial that may be of concern to any authors in the manuscript must be disclosed during manuscript submission. Also, it is the responsibility of the corresponding author to determine the order and authorship for each contributing author in the manuscript. Later changes or rearrangements in the order of authors may only be considered if the manuscript is resubmitted with major revisions along with additional data. 
Our Editors and Reviewers are also advised to disclose any financial or research conflicts of interests before reviewing or editing the manuscript.



JMTR is an online journal and implements Creative Commons terms for licencing. Thus the authors of the published work would retain the copyrights and provide JMTR the unrestricted rights to publish and distribute their work including metadata. The authors of the published work would also retain the right to patent and trademark their work. The authors and users can download the published content from the JMTR journal website but cannot publish it either by copying, replicating, altering or changing the content. The authors and the users can however present the published content as is only by citing the original published work. JMTR allows all users to share the published content as is that is available on the journal website, if it helps them to promote their research. It is the responsibility of all users to comply with the copyright policies and must strictly adhere to the lawful practices of both national and international copyright laws. For more information on US copyright laws visit ‚Äč



The authors may prefer to remain anonymous for the reviewers during the peer review process. If preferred, the authors are requested not to include any wordings within the manuscript that could indicate their identity. However, if the manuscript gets accepted full details of the authors will be listed in the Title page.The authors are also requested not to disclose any sensitive information such as names of patients etc. The information of our Reviewers and Editors are kept strictly confidential during and after the peer review process.


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